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  1. Nevada Elk

    Hi everyone i'm extremely excited to have started a profile on this forum! I'm only 21, but I am obsessed with hunting and would love to answer as many questions as i can to the fellow Hunt Talk users.

    I currently have 12 elk points and i'm considering applying for the 062 area north of Elko. I have hunted the 066 area my whole life for deer, but i've never seen any elk. From what i have researched the best areas to have success are in the Bull Run mountains and up around Pennsylvania ...
  2. Region c wyoming deer

    Hi all,
    This year I am going hunting in wyoming for deer in region c. I have looked at all the areaa within my region and notice a couple of them say I can oly kill a buck on private land only. I wasn't sure if I read it correctly. 4 out of the 7 areas I can hunt public. Just wondering if anyone else has hunted this region and have any advice on the best ways to hunt it. I am only doing public and will not be perusing trespass fees.
  3. Iraq Update - August 2017

    Fellow Hunt Talkers -

    We are getting close. Very close. In 25 days I will hand over duties as the FEST Commander in Iraq over to the new Team Leader, and we will begin our travels toward home. We have been gone from home for 251 days, and just completed our 224th day in Iraq. As happy as we are that the end is near, the wear and tear of the long hours is starting to take a toll. We are tired, nerves are touchy, but cannot let our guard down just yet.

    I spent my ...
  4. Hi! New Member Wyoming Antelope question

    I'm from California, hunting for 30+ yrs. First time hunting out of state to Wyoming. My question is validating your harvest. Is it mandatory? Do I have to go find a warden to validate my game?

    Updated 08-12-2017 at 03:18 PM by aamarler

  5. 7mm wby 162gr ELD-X load data HELP!!!!

    I have a 7mm wby mag and I'm looking for information on how to load hornady 162gr ELDX. I can't find any information on this. I wanted to use IMR 4350 powder as I already have it but I'm looking for best results. I understand I have to play around to find it but anything to get me on the right track. What is the minimum and max loads I can do with this bullet? I saw a guy post he shot .5 groupings out to 300 yards with this bullet but I can't get a hold of him. I've tried. So what powder, how much ...
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