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    Question inertia driven vs gas operated shotgun?

    Looking to upgrade from the old 870 to a nice semi automatic shotgun but not sure such is better. I've been looking at the new stoger 3000 but wasn't sure if the inertia driven was better than a gas operated one. I'm gonna put a lot of shells through it so I want something that will hold up. Just seeing what you guys thought.
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    I've put over 15,000 rounds though my SBE 2 with no problems. That is the only scatter gun I will shoot.

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    I can also vouch for the Benelli's!! I also have a Browning that is gas driven; no problems with it though. The inertia driven is much easier to clean and seems like it would be more robust because of less moving parts. JMO

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    Go with a Beretta or Benelli, Benelli makes a better inertia gun IMO.
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    I love my gas operated SX3 5000 rounds through it never jammed, no problems took it duck hunting at 15 below and it shot great. Gas guns do have very little recoil. That said inertia guns make great guns also.

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    Cant go wrong with either anymore
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    I love my Beretta 391. I use it for upland and waterfowl both.

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    An 1100 Remington has served me well fo many years. I shot an inertia M1 Benelli several years ago in a comparable weight to my 1100 with the same load and noticed it had more recoil.

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    I've put a lot of rounds through my inertia driven Benelli SBE and never had it jam, whether shooting sporting clays or shooting 3 1/2" double B's, but my brothers gas driven Remmy 1100 certainly kicks less when shooting the heavy loads and I've yet to see it malfunction when we are hunting. Just comes down to personal preference anymore I think.
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