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    Got this buck last evening in PA. Archery season just came in on Saturday, so this was my second evening of the season. Our neighbor planted a long field of corn along our woods this year, and I put my stand up along a trail / rub line about 50 yards from the corn. I literally had deer walking circles around me all evening - from the woods to the corn and back. Saw numerous does and 3pt and 6pt bucks close, but my area requires 4 pts on one side. This buck came by about 20 minutes before the end of legal hours.

    PA has a bag limit of one buck, so I'm done early and get to hunt squirrel, grouse, and turkey this fall without any worry about getting my buck. I have a DIY buck/hog hunt planned for November on public land in TN - sure to be an adventure!

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    Done deal, way to go! Early tag completions at great and rotten at the same time. You are done with a task but now will miss out on the enjoyment of the process. Any one you need to help out getting their (first?) deer?

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    Not yet - my son won't be born for about another 3 months! He's the first for my wife and I (and if it was a daughter she'd be going outdoors with her Dad someday also). Next year expect a little guy in a camo suit sitting on the deer in my pics.

    Early tag-filling is a welcome blessing this year - have a nursery to paint & get ready. Lots of other work on the house my wife and I just bought. I'll be able to lay off the hunting for a while, get my work done, and earn enough points with my wife to get away with my TN hunt in November.

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    Nice Pa. Buck! What part of the state are you in? I haven't been out yet - too busy getting ready far an antelope trip but will be hitting it hard in a few weeks.

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    I'm about 80 miles north of Pittsburgh. Good luck on the antelope hunt - hoping to do one of those in a couple years. Next year will probably be focused on the new baby, but hopefully I'll get some deer hunting in PA and maybe a nearby state.

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    Nice area up that way. I am about 50 mile south of Pittsburgh. If you get the chance, check out West Virginia and definitely give antelope a try when you have the time.

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    Here's another picture...

    R/E deer_shooter, definitely interested in hunting WV in the next couple years. I'll hit you up for some advice sometime. Basically looking for a nearby state with rifle or muzzleloader hunting between PA archery and PA rifle.
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    Congrats!! Welcome to the site, too
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    You stepped in what?

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    That is a beautiful PA buck man. Congrats!

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    Awesome~!! we have the same rule here in Missouri in most counties for 4 points on one side, the long run it's one rule that is paying off..allot more bigger bucks in my area now,..but we get 1 archery buck and 1 rifle/ alternative buck

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