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    Default Montana Jakes Horses

    Just wondering if anyone has used this outfit before and if so I am looking for information about how things went for ya. I am considering renting some stock to get back into the wilderness area I've decided to hunt this year and to hopefully get into some elk. Any info would be a great big help. You can PM me if would like with info.


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    Jakes Horses has been around for many ,many years.(decades)Though I don't have any direct experience with the company,it has always been a solid fixture of the Big Sky resort area.

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    Thanks Hem Im looking at hitting the Madison's this year to try my luck it's a new area to me so we with see I guess.

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    Assume that you have horse hunted before?
    "Talk low, talk slow and don't say too much." John Wayne

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    Idnative I am new to the whole hunting off horses I am no longer young enough to handle the hike in to that type of country so I have decided to try horseback hunting. I have very limited experience on a horse.

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    Default Hunting with horses

    Hopefully you'll get some horse savy before you go otherwise your're setting up for a disaster. theres alot to learn about managing horses in the back country. try to hook up with some experienced horsemen to learn the ropes

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    Brownbear please pay attention to this advise about horses in the backcountry. It is a bigger deal than it sounds,and it's not fair to the horses. He is right about the disaster not only for you but the horse.
    Last year my county attorney prosecuted a couple guys from Georgia that tried going into backcountry without any experience. They got jail time and big fines for cruelty to animals.
    Please hook up with some horse people before trying this.
    good luck

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    Yeah fellas I have actually thought about this and I am planning on hanging with some friends who know a lot bout horses. I also plan to do some riding before I go and do this. I also have a few years of experience working on a small ranch. I just haven't ridin a lot of horses during this time though. I feel pretty confident about doin it or I wouldn't even attempt it trust me I have the upmost respect for all animals.

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    Do you know how to shoe one? Do you know how to hobble one? Do you know how to put on saddles and panniers properly? Do you know how to properly high line one? If you don't know all of this and more, then don't even think about it!!! Riding one is the least of your problems! Listen to us who have horse experience and don't do it unless you go with at least one other person that is a tried and true horseman!!!
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    It is a fun and awesome experience to hunt with horses. With that said I have taken numerous people out and seem to have accidents with them on every trip. There is no substitute for experience. I realize that at some point you have to go for it but there should be plenty of hours spent in the valley learning about the horse before heading to the mountains. I'm not trying to be a jerk but just telling it how it is. Even an experienced horseman will admit that you're dealing with another mind/brain that you cannot read. You never completely know what the horse is thinking. Even on good ones.

    Jake I'm sure has some real experienced stock and I'm sure some you could just point and ride and have a great trip. What ever you decide I hope you have a fun safe trip.

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    I think everyone is trying very hard to help you out here. If you are set on going please just do at least one overnight with your horse in the front country before going in to the backcountry. You can gain valuable experience here and still get home safe. Also, just having horse experience is still different than extended stays in the backcountry like lawnboy advised.
    Last year in the Bob Marshall wilderness a outfitter that I know personally with over 30 years experience had his best trusted mule jump on his leg and broke it in several places. He said the airflight alone cost 14,000 not counting the hospital stay.
    Backcountry in serious business.

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