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  1. Default WY unit 72

    My wife and I just drew our first out of state tags for Antelope, in Wy unit 72.
    this is thanks to this site! you showed us that we could do it !!
    anyone know of the area ? and anything special ?

    thanks for help


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    Tons of antelope. Some nice walk-in hunting areas. Might have the place to yourself are the first week or so. You will see a ton of antelope.

    Good luck. It will be fun, for sure.
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    Make sure you have good land status maps. A lot of checkerboard. Like Randy said, check out the walk ins.

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    I drew this unit as well. I wont be up till the end on the season though. Hope to see a hunt report from you before I go.

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    I hunted unit 71 last year but I saw several nice bucks in 72 just across the road. I was there the second week of season and only saw one hunter in the part of the unit I could see and he was hunting does. In the north east corner of the unit off Natrona county 210 there is a walk in area, I watched a really nice buck there for a while one evening after he crossed out of 71.


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    sorry hadnt checked in in a while, I,m a private contractor and finishing jobs to head up
    thanks for all the posts, my wife and I are real excited
    I think we have every map possible, and even printed google earth stuff and put it in water proof folders.
    I live in Austin and we are ready for the cool weather of WY
    MaMa is hitting good with the 243, and will see at the moment of truth
    I feel like a kid on Christmas morning !!!

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    Hope you have a great time
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    Make sure you check out Hells Half Acre, none of the facilities were open last I saw, but a cool place to see. If you get hot go over to shoshone for a milkshake.
    There is plenty of room for all of Gods creatures, right next to the mashed potatoes.

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    just got in to WY, got here a bitt early to take in some sites and do some scouting
    the weather is nice , we will head to our hunt unit 72 near casper tuesday morn, and get a base camp set.
    I am hearing a lot of good things about the area !!

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    Good luck. can't wait for the pics

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    Well the tags are filled and the goats are a pats being proccessed !!
    gotta say that my wife and I have had a great time hunting Antelope for the first time in WY,
    This is my Wife's first harvest of any animal besides fishing, She took a nice mature Doe and I was very proud of her, I am a lucky guy having a wife willing to rough it and hunt with me !
    I learned a lot on this trip and the hunting is great here, I spoke to a couple different game wardens, everyone was real nice and as one put it, "hey this is Wyoming, We're all about the hunt".
    this state is so unpopulated it's unreal and even though we drew unit 72, witch is supposed to be more dificult to hunt because of private land, it really wasnt hard at all; just study the maps and take advantage of the land owner walk -in areas.
    we saw an average of 80 to 100 Antelope a day.
    The first part of the hunt was pretty much to ourselves since it started in the middle of the week, then we saw more traffic on the week end but was to our advantage, while we watched others glassing from the roads, we had staked out a spot on a small hill with big rocks for cover, that had a saddle to either side, as other hunters entered the area it would drive the goats to us ,
    Neither animal we took was a trophy, but it was a great experience.
    can we talk about the wind, I will never complain about the wind in central Tx again, if you come up bring chap stick, sun screen, and a good unscented lotion for the evening, I work outside for a living, but I felt like 80grit sand paper after a couple days.

    we will be back next year!!
    Thanks Big Fin for having this show that inspired me to do this trip, we have had a great time, and one good thing is that we had almost no cell reception, being unplugged is a good thing !!


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    Glad to know you had a good time and found some goats. I will be out next month from jersey. I have a buck tag and 2 doe tags for area 73 and 2 doe tags in area 72. I also got a leftover cow elk tag so I can learn new areas. I hunted area 73 two years ago so I know the basic lay of the land already. Hope Pats has room left LOL

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    Good job. Sounds like a really good time. Having a wife that hunts is great. I love that my wife goes with me.

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    my dad and i are heading to 72 next week. first time to hunt this area and first time to hunt wyoming since 2004. were hoping to have less hunting pressure and maybe get on some decent bucks. any last minute pointers?

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    if your going to 72, take the time to really walk-in on area 7 of the private land
    wall to wall goats
    good luck to you both
    headed down to laramie and doing some fishing, before heading back to TX

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    also off of cr 210 was good walk in,
    when you get your animal go take it to pats, processing on poison spider road just before you get to 20/26 in Mills
    if you dont have one, take a spotting scope and tri pod, it's worth it

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    thanks for the info. looking forward to getting there.

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    ok here are the pics!
    we had a blast
    Attached Images Attached Images   

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    hey can anyone name that gun?
    I bought it when I was 18 from Cahlans General store in Austin, Texas in 1982
    no longer in production

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leepinlarr View Post
    hey can anyone name that gun?
    I bought it when I was 18 from Cahlans General store in Austin, Texas in 1982
    no longer in production
    788 carbine?

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    I'm with Randy11 on that.

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    Randy11 and sigpro are correct
    rem model 788 in 243 with the 20in brush barrel
    love that old gun !!

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