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    Default 300 weatherby mag

    Ive just purchased a weatherby backcountry in 300 weatherby, anyone have any pet loads as ive not loaded this round. I plan to use the accubond to start with as this is currently one of my favorite bullets and I have some 165 and 180s on hand. Any secrets, the only other roy cartridge I have is a 257 Roy and I have loaded this with great success. I know this is a freebore cartridge and should just load to spec length. Also any dislikes as far as performance Im thinking most critters are impressed with the terminal performance.

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    I usually use IMR 7828. If your gun is like mine, that will give it the best velocity behind a 180 gr Accubond

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    I'd go with a 200

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    Hodgdon Retumbo works in my 30-378 and 190 or 210 Berger VLD's will give you a better BC and more downrange energy if you shoot long range. You can pick up this load with 190 VLD's at gunwerks in burlington, wy.

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    180 gr Partition over 82-85 gr of IMR-7828, Fed GM mag primer. Powder charge dependent on gun and brass (Rem brass is thicker so uses less powder.) I've also used H-1000 and a 165 gr bullet, but don't recall the charge.

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    i've got a 1:10 Hart on my .300wby and i'm pushing the 180 BST with 84.5 grains of 7828SSC in Norma brass with Fed 215 primers. consistantly .5" groups and i've got almost 15 reloads on the same brass so it's holding up nicely.

    that rifle should be throated for 220's i'm pretty i'd run em as long as will fit in the magazine and feed reliably.

    oh...and don't shoot bedded antelope at 65 yards if they are leaning up against a rock i wasn't even thinking about the rock.....because of the angle and how he was bedded the only shot i could take was a neck shot. neck shots are always fine, but in this case the 180 smacked against the rock as it left the opposite side of the's was turned that poor antelope's neck inside out!!!! other than the .300 because its just such a great all around worker. bear, deer, elk, moose, antelope...long distance, high name it, it does it
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