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    Default Colorado Unit 67

    My Girlfriend has a first rifle Elk tag in Unit 67....Any suggestions? Went on a archery tag along last year so I have one spot in mind but always could use a good backup plan even though I don't know if we will have time for a backup plan.

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    Now I see why you said you you were not ready to share places to hunt in unit 67 yet on my post in january. I drew a muzzle loader elk tag for 67 this year and my dad drew a 67 deer muzzy tag.

    Ive been asking the same question on a few hunting forums, I got some info from western hunting data, he sells info on units and spots that are supose to be good. He calls them honey holes, and he gives 3 spots and gps locations for unit 67. If you want I can P.M you the info?

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    My neighbor hunts 67, but he's pretty tight lipped. The only thing I really know is he's goes a week prior to his season and camps out of his 5th wheel. He hasn't really shared where he stays.

    Wish I could help.

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