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    Default Wyoming Mule Deer Unit

    Hello everybody, I am looking for a good mule deer unit for Wyoming. I am planning a DIY mule deer hunt in the next couple years and was wondering what unit would help me find a deer in the 160+ inch range. I guess you could call it a trophy unit. Any suggestions would be great thank you. I guess you could say im looking for a somewhat hard to draw unit.

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    Have you been banking points in Wyoming? If not, you won't have much luck drawing the tough tags.

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    No i have not. My plan is to start racking up the points for a good unit. I realize its proll gonna take a while before i aquire a tag. I am just looking for a good solid 160+ mule deer unit. I will even accept a deer in the 190's hahahahaha!!!!! Im just lookn for a unit to have a good quality hunt for a mature buck. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you..

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    I would look into the general units in the western part of the state..

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    I have heard the Shirley Basin Was a good area and maybe the southwestern part but not sure of the last suggestion. Im trying to plan a hunt with my father and brother.

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    The last time i hunted the Shirley's all i seen were small bucks & does, bu that was a couple of years ago.

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    Well any info on units that may be a little harder to draw would be fine. Im not lookn to hunt this comming fall. Im willing to apply for a few years to get a good quality tag. Of course this hunt is DIY so there has to be plenty of public land to hunt. Any suggestions on units to get me started would be great, just to get me started in the right direction. Thanks for the info!!

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    I'm not an expert on the Wyoming draws, but from what I know, you've got three types of units.

    1) Ones you can get on your first try
    2) G (which takes a point to draw)
    3) Or the really difficult ones.

    I don't think there is that "middle" ground in Wyoming like they have in Colorado.

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    Well if you're not wanting to draw a tag this coming year i would purchase a PP this summer & maybe start applying next year for limited entry units. Both Eastmans Hunting Journal & the Huntinfool will give you good information on which units to look at, i subscribe to both. Keep in mind limited entry units may also have elk hunters running around so even though there's a limited number of deer tags there may be other hunters in the same unit. Wilderness areas require a guide for non-residents so if you're looking for a DIY hunt, those areas won't be an option.

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    Yeah i was subscribed to Eastmans a few years ago but have failed to renew my subscription. I know they have an MRS in the megazine for subscribers only. That MRS would be nice about now. If you have anymore information, that would be great. Thank you for all your help.

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    What are the units like around the Big Horns? I heard a friend say that the Big Horns have a descent population of good mature muley bucks. Any info on these units would be great.

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    Yes there are a lot of deer both mulies & whitetails you will probably see both. One thing to consider is spend a day or two scouting which ever unit you draw, If not make sure you have detailed maps.

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