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    Default how much and long will a dead rabbit smell?

    I have gone to war around my house with the rabbits. The last few years they destroyed my bushes and I am sick of the wife and the lady next door hounding me to do something. 2 years ago it was the Gophers and my neighbors watched in somewhat horror as i filled five 5-gallon buckets of water and did a fast pour down a few well used holes and proceded to stomp the guts out of 7 little gophers as they crawled out.
    Well anyway, i took a shot at a bunny last night and hit it someplace in the front shoulder area and when it stopped flopping it laid in a place i couldnt shoot it again. I went up to it with a club but it ran under the Neighbors front porch and i assume will die there. Unfortunatly they like to sit out on the porch a lot. So how long do you think it will stink?

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    What a mess you have...

    I know it's not funny, but would be to sit and watch...

    You may try a Beagal or two, I hear they love to chase the little critters and you could have a couple hunting partners to boot...

    As for the dead critter under the neighbors porch, how it died is non of your concern as long as you don't have them reading these pages...

    If you can at least see it, you may sneak some Lime onto it, not the green kind you put in your drinks, this stuff will help with odor and keep the stink down...

    If you can't do any thing about it, just feel lucky you won't have the neighbors on the porch for awhile watching how you get rid of the rodents in the area...
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    It ain your porch, the smell shouldn bother you, unless you visit alot. Stay away until cold weather. Or you could take your dog down, mine usually drag stuff like that out of tight spots, then we fight over it.
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    LOL Sounds more like the neighbors problem than yours.
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    With raising rabbits, they don't smell when they die.. They don't breath, no heart beat, they just lay there hump ...As for the stink, well they all stink when they die hump ...The next time your over there just say to your nieghbor " Dang something smells dead over here "

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    I couldnt get a dog under there. Its a big covered porch with that wooden Trelles type of stuff around the base. A rabbit can just fit in the gaps. Damn thing, i need to get a better scope on my 22 to get some head shots. I been using an older gun with one of those crappy little scopes that i wouldnt want on a pellet gun. I am going to get a cheap 3X9 and uprade one of my 22's to a good pest whacker.

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    rabbits, they don't smell when they die.. They don't breath, no heart beat, they just lay there ...As for the stink, well they all stink when they die
    dang it beat me to it
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    If it stays warm enough for blow flies to lay on the wound and nostrils, the maggots will hatch in short order and go through your bunny like Sherman through Atlanta.

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    how the heck did this post get back to life after five years
    update, the rabbit stopped stinking after 5 years. fly problem was bad until no more maggots could hatch. but really, no stink.
    These days the boy is old enough that I unleash him with his little bow and arrow to get the wabbits. funny as hell to see the kid shoot 4 times and the dumb things just sit there.
    Rabbits were blamed for major garden damage to my lettuce and leaf spinich but it was in fact those damn gophers this year. clubbed a few, got a few with those little crappy bird shot .22 shells that you need to be so close to be effective but with too many things that can get hit by a good .22 short it is what it is.
    mice are bad again in my camper this year....
    that is the pest update of 2010
    but really, how did you find this post after 5 years

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