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    Default What's a good bow for a 7-year old?

    We had our annual sportsmen's events at my clubyesterday, and my son came in second in the 0-9 year olds. He shot 4 out of 10 free throws, shot 100 with the .22 and got 82 out of 100 with a recurve he wants a bow. I think I will just get him a recurve in a suitable weight and see how he does - what do you think?

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    I don't have a recomendation for the starter level, but if he does take to it, I can help you on the next step up.

    I really think highly of Alpine's micro. The draw length has 7" of adjustibility and about 20 pounds of draw weight adjustibility.

    My 8 year old has been shooting said bow for 2 years, and my 6 year old almost has enough money saved up for it. ($15). If they are willing to work for it, they take better care of it. Course, you already know that much better than I having been there done that.

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    Califhunter, I dont know much about recurves.
    Both my grandkids shoot compound bow's.
    Cody 5 Yrs old shoot No Sights and Fingers /Sidney 10 Yrs old shoots with Sights and a release.
    My grandson did start out with one of those (K-Mart $6.00 stick bows )at two years old ,but by three we bought him a Stacie compound that he is still shooting.
    Our granddaughter started out with the Browning Micro Midis at five years old.
    The one we see most at our 3-D shoot's is the Browning Micro Midas.
    It's real adjustable and a good bow.
    Something I have noticed at the shoot's to maybe keep in mind.
    They dont break the kids up into compound/recurve ,it's only sights and no sights,boys/girls ,peewees 0-6 years old and boy/girls chicks 7-10 years old.
    With alot of the smaller bows the arrow wont stick into the target.
    Most first time shooters and real young shooters only care about seeing the arrow fly,but as they get the hang of it ,then they progress to where they want to just hit the target.
    Soon after that they start figuring out that the arrow sticks better in other kids bows and they start getting bummed out. ( not all kids but quite a few).

    If you go with one of the compounds you can leave it with no sights and let him shoot fingers .
    If you think he will stick with it get a bow of some quilty and start him out right, but make it FUN.
    Alot depends on if he will be shooting 3-Ds or shooting for fun around home.
    Just some of the things I have noticed at the 3-D shoot I go to.

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    Thanks. I'm pretty sure he will stick with it, so maybe I will check out the Browning Micro Midas, if that will work for a 7-year old, too.

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    Califhunter,that Browning Bow is real adjustable and I know some people that hunt with it.
    It's well worth looking at.

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