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    Anticipating my new CZ with a 1 in 12 twist, I am curious as to anyone's experience with lighter bullets in the .223. Most of the emphasis in the gun press lately has been on heavy bullets. I have a Savage with the 1 in 9 twist, but still stick to 50 or 55 grain bullets since the velocity drops with the 69 grain or heavier bullets.

    My buddy has shot the Winchester 45 gr HP's in the 40-round white box from Walmart with great results in his Savage. The velocity is over 3600 FPS from his 26-inch barrel. If you use light bullets in your .223, what has worked for you in terms of bullet brand, weight and powder? I have a box of 45 gr Sierra spitzers, and would like to try the Ballistic Tips or V-Max.

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    I've had good accuracy with the 40 grainers, except about every third or fourth one would come apart. I finally started shooting the 50 grain Ballistic Tips and got great accuracy and super performance with them on the Prairrie Poodles. Loaded 26.5 grain H335 with a CCI BR-1 Primer.
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    Guys on another site swear by them in .223AI's. Pushing them near 4000fps with a 20" barrel. That's the plan for me!! Fun and cheap to shoot.

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    cal. I went through the big twist issues my self with the 22 cals... from the .223 - .220swift and everything in between.....

    My 22-250 had a 1-14 twist it shot 55s nice 1/2" groups when i went to the 52 grain it shot one hole groups all day long.. I shot 49 grain bergers(weight mistake bullet by him) and it shot 1 hole groups all day long as well...

    my 220 swift is the same way same twist

    my(aprils) .223 700bdl I think has a 1:12 twist it shoots 65 grain bergers 3/8"
    55 grain bullets one hole groups
    52 and 50's 1 hole

    one of my ar-15's has a 1/9 and it loves 65-70 grain bulets

    my other ar-15 is a 1/14 twist it shoots the 55's ok and the 52's are much better...will not group better than 2" at 100yards with anything heavier

    I have a few boxs of the 40 bt's that I want to try out just to see what happens..

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    Rick, I've tried the 40gr NBT's in the 223, and they shot pretty darn good. I tried a few of them in the 220 Swift too, never had any trouble with them coming apart, but what they hit sure did. WOW. If you can get them to shoot well in your CZ, your squirrel hunting will be taken to new heights. Trust me. The scavengers will need a drinking straw. WD

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